Ingredients :

150 gms - White Rice
1 ltr - Milk
200 gms - Khoya
1/2 kg - Sugar
25 gms - Almonds
25 gms - Raisins
50 gms - Dry Dates
50 gms - Dessicated Coconut
10 gms - Musk Melon shelled Seeds
3 nos - Black Cardamoms
5 nos - Green Cardamoms
5 drops - 'Kewra' essence
5 nos - Cashew Nuts
10 gms - Pistachio Nuts
5 nos - Saffron stigmas

Cooking Instructions :

- Clean, wash in several waters, and soak the Rice in 1/4 litre of water for 2 hours before cooking.
- Blanch Almond Kernels by soaking in hot water and then peeling the skins. Split each into two halves, along with Cashew Nuts.
- Soak the dry Dates in hot water for an hour and after washing these, cut each lengthwise into 5 or 6 slices, after removing the horny tops and also discard stones.
- Pare Coconut with a sharp knife, and whittle crosswise into thin shavings, of about 1" length.
- Clean the shelled Musk Melon Seeds, by discarding any unshelled or bad Seeds and hull pieces. and wash these.
- After removing the shells of Pistachio Nuts, whittle these, with a sharp knife, into thin shavings.
- Take out the Seeds of Black and Green Cardamoms, and crush these separately into small granules, and keep aside in two plates.
- Stem and wash the Raisins.
- After reserving in separate bowls, for garnishing, about one fourth of Raisins, split Cashew Nuts and Almond Kernels, and all the Green Cardamom granules, mix the remaining split Almonds and Cashew Nuts, and Raisins along with Coconut shavings. Keep these aside in a bowl.
- Mix in a bowl thoroughly the Milk Powder or grated 'Khoya', with a cup of water or Milk.
- In a pan boil milk, add the soaked Rice and cook until done
- Add Sugar, keep stirring to avoid lumps, add the mixed split Almond Kernels, Cashew Nuts, Raisins, Coconut shavings and Date slices
- Add khoya and cook till the pudding is ready
- Add the Essence and Black Cardamon granules, transfer the 'Kheer' to a Service Bowl, and garnish with prepared Almonds, Cashew Nuts, and Raisins, serve cold

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